Energetic Clearing & Life Force Activation 

Bringing in what ancient cultures have known for 1000s of years. That all is energy.

We can process and release emotions stored in the body through bodywork and energy healing. Suppressed emotions can leave an imprint on your body, putting you into a tense state and feeling disconnected from your body.

we can't see energy, but acupuncturists have known for 5000 years that energy travels along hidden pathways called meridians, with points where it comes out to the skin. 

we often suppress things. We dont process it. Trauma lodges in the energy patterns of the body, in the organs, the hips, the chakras, the nervous system, and the energetic pathways of the body.

so then the body contracts, and we feel closed off from ourselves and others. 

If our life force/ prana becomes blocked in the meridians or chakras, it also shows up as a block in the physical body. The chakra system is the emotional clearinghouse for all our reactions to traumatic events. Trapped emotional energy will lodge itself somewhere in the physical body. 

Over time, this layering of emotions dampens the body's normal flow of energy or prana. This stresses the body and nervous system unnecessarily, thus keeping us in a continual state of vigilance.

Emotions + Feelings are energy - either moving or being suppressed. 

By activating your energy - you activate your life force energy to clear and unblock your energetic system. We can process emotions like hurt, sadness, grief, shame, embarrassment, and anger/rage by working with the energic system of the body.

Purifying your system of distortions, fear, and ancestral trauma and to liberate ourselves from the past.

Your body knows how to heal if you give it a chance.

Click here for my post on what emotions get stored in each chakra.

Healing trauma & activating life force energy.

A Kundalini/Life-Force Activation ceremony is a safe space where you can experience and release bound-up energy from past suppressed emotions and what is holding you back from feeling deep self-love, self-trust, and confidence it is a space of transformation.

Trapped emotional energy will always lodge itself somewhere in the physical body. The stagnation manifesting physically due to a blocked chakra can begin to affect other areas of life as well. 

It is essential to understand that the symptom is not the problem but a symptom of a problem.

  • Relationship patterns
  • Gut issues
  • Physical tension, pain, and stiffness, especially in the neck, shoulders, and back
  • Feeling disconnected from our body
  • Breathing shallowly/Into the shoulders
  • People please or lack of identity
  • Fear of intimacy or being co-dependent
  • Low self-esteem and self-image
  • Self-sabotaging patterns
  • Feeling numb or shut down
  • Suppressing emotions and feelings
  • Being emotionally chaotic


Each chakra/energy center corresponds to specific nerve bundles and organs in your body that hold emotions. Your emotions are felt and stored in your body, including complex emotional patterns related to traumas and stresses of your life,

During a Life-Force Activation and Energy Healing session, your life force energy will begin to move freely through you. Clearing and purifying your energy system and working through where there has been bound-up energy causing tension/anxiety and stress.

Being in this frequency helps in clearing & purifying your system from emotional energy blockages, releasing trauma and stagnant energy, and being set free from distortions and limiting beliefs about yourself reflecting in your relationships and in business. 

There is no force with this healing. This is not kundalini yoga and it requires you to allow yourself to surrender and connect to the body after being in the over-active mind. Your body knows how to heal itself when we allow it to. You can set an intention for these sessions but not have a tight hold on it as that may not even be what the body wants to process on a deeper level. This is a process of dropping from the over-active mind back into the body.

Everyone's experience is unique and personal. We experience life differently so we are all going to heal differently. This work reminds you that it's about how your body wants to heal and not how others are healing. It reminds you to focus on yourself and not to compare yourself to others in any way.

Through this work, we often meet layers of resistance and armor, whether energetic, emotional or somatic, commonly known as blockages. At times this can feel very frustrating to feel roadblocked when we dive deep into deeper healing work.

If there’s resistance, let it be your guide and allow yourself to go deeper with it. On the other side is awakening your sacred power. 

This is a journey of self-intimacy that takes courage to confront these parts of ourselves but the rewards of inner-peace, and self-connection are immeasurable..

It can take a few times of surrendering to this process of releasing and connecting to our emotions after being numb to finally feel ready or safe enough to let go.



We start with any questions, I ask if everyone has watched the pre-recorded video. Then everyone will lie down on their mat & close their eyes. Because this work is about surrendering and moving from the mind into the body,  we start off with a visualization and embodiment practice to connect to the body, to have your own bubble of safety around you, and to slow down your breath.

I create a vortex of intensified life force energy. With your willingness to be present and open to letting go, your energetic system will attune to this energy. Over time you become a clear vessel for this life force energy, allowing it to come and work for you without interfering; the energy is extremely intelligent and provides what is needed for you at any given moment.

The key for you during and after your session is to take the path of surrender. It's then up to you to quieten the mind. Just like in hypnosis or meditation, if your mind wanders off, acknowledge it, and without being hard on yourself, come back to the body and observe what you feel and slow down your breath and observe the long exhales out the mouth.  Many struggle with being present and willing to sit with feelings and emotions so they distract and numb. Most of us have not been taught how to be in the body and process 'negative' emotions.

The energy linked to these emotions creates bound-up tension in the body putting us in a tense nervous state where we don't feel safe. Be gentle with yourself, be willing to practice being in the body, and go at your own pace of feeling and releasing.

We will be in this energy for 60 minutes. At some points, it may be more physical responses while at other times it can be noticing different thoughts and intuitive messages come through. Each person’s response to the activation is unique. Some people move a little while some move a lot during their first session. Over a few sessions, some people's movements can change, lessen, or increase. 

From here we allow for integration and to slow it all down again with an embodiment process. Integration is a very important part of the session. 

Some see videos online and think that a 'successful' session involves body jolting, backbends, and shaking. There is no right or wrong way to experience. Everyone heals in their own way and own pace. I myself have had sessions doing backends while having other sessions feeling so much bliss from my heart space without much moving. Each session will be different.

Energy moving and being activated through the system can show up as trembling, twitching, swaying, feeling like your head is being lifted by the energy, dancing, yoga poses, tapping, or muscle contractions. They are an expression of the movement and activation of our energy moving through our meridians, energy centers, and nadis and where emotions have been bound up in the by. 

We may experience intense shivering, trembling, jolting, and changing body temperature from hot to cold. We may scream, yell, shake, yawn, and cry, or be quiet and have emotions running through our bodies.

These are different ways the physical body clears and purifies the energetic system so our life-force energy/prana can flow through us. For some, when they are heading towards their 10th session, they will notice there are less jolting movements and more dancing. 

By allowing yourself to express yourself through sound and movement, it can shift unprocessed emotions and complete trauma cycles so you no longer stay in destructive patterns looping in your behavior and relationships.

The energy begins to build up in the lower chakras, with the energy also descending from the crown chakra, where all transformations happen when energy is met in the heart space

People can feel the full scope of human emotions in a session. You can feel hurt being processed, pain, shame, guilt, rage, bliss, joy, gratitude, and deep self-love.

Life-Force Activations release large amounts of energy through and into the body; once awakened in the spine, the kundalini energy will begin to operate the entire central nervous system. And as this energy begins to purify and develop the nervous system, you may start to feel overwhelmed with love, devotion, and bliss.

Some experience no movement but a deep feeling of energy in different parts of the physical body which can show up as tingling, pins, and needles, and change in body temperature.

The movements do not matter; the progress is measured by the growth of love for yourself, devotion, surrender, detachment, and allowing yourself to embrace what may arise through each session and during integration after the session

You can't rush the release of something until it's ready. We can't "Let it go" until we are ready to let it in. for some, a few sessions are first needed to drop into the body.

Everyone has life force energy moving through them but it is important to remember that this energy will meet people where they are at. If someone is not willing to surrender, they are numb to feeling or they don't want to try to drop out of the mind, they may need a few sessions just to practice surrendering just like in meditation. 

Some may have lots of armoring as safety from past overwhelming events and to protect themselves from going deeper in their experience and personal healing process.

Some people find it very difficult to let go, it doesn't feel safe to be in their body or they can be very stuck in their minds in a hypervigilant state.,.

Please know that the energy is still working for them. They may need a few sessions for the energy to activate to a higher degree.

They may need to first do a more gentle somatic session to feel safe to drop into the body or give themselves time to practice somatic observing.  

It's about removing the armor that inhibits us from feeling connected to our body and feeling safe and connected.

By releasing our survival bound-up energy, we find we feel more sensual and confident, we feel more at home with others and we tap into emotional mastery. 

This is a profound transformational journey where your body heals in this energy. The more you follow your body’s guidance and surrender, the more you will activate the fullness of your voice and find freedom from the heaviness of the past. 

Energy flows through our chakras, giving each of them an activation. All the way to our head, the crown chakra. It also passes through our nadis (energy “pipes” in our bodies that allow the energy to flow). The result is an expanded state of consciousness.

Patience is important with this healing, first and foremost because it involves trusting the Divine.

Enjoy the process of self-discovery, and surrendering, and enjoy the dance with the fire inside that is being activated through you. It’s waiting to be expressed through you as you come back to the innate wisdom of your body that’s dwelling within you. This is a journey of self-intimacy. If there’s resistance, let it be your guide and allow yourself to go deeper with it. On the other side is awakening your sacred power.


  • You don’t need to feel disconnected from your body and feelings anymore. 
  • No longer being a stranger to yourself 
  • No longer judge yourself or putting yourself down
  • Turn on your pleasure centers
  • You deserve to feel deeply in touch with your body. 


This is your invitation to tap into your power. activating your power, using the fullness of your voice, awakening to parts of yourself you have hidden and clear stagnant energy. this is ancient healing. you will discover how to take agency over your mind, body, and soul connection while accessing your Shakti divine energy which is your sensual energy that drives your passion. so you deeply remember your power and what you are capable of. 

** This ticket is non- refundable, if you cannot make the session you are more than welcome to gift your space to a friend or family member who is willing to be in the space and heal.

** If you are attending a session online, there are NO recordings of the sessions for members privacy. You must attend online. Please ensure you have confirmed the time difference if you are in a different time zone. 

** Once you've booked your space, a detailed email will be sent out with information on how to prepare before your session, frequently asked questions, session layout, how to prepare for the session, and how to integrate after the session.