Somatic Emotional Release


Our body holds on to old trauma and times we felt trapped, unworthy or overwhelmed. When we breathe, vocally release and move our energy through the body, we have the power to release the tension and bound-up energy from our system and return to a more empowered state, feeling bliss and awakened sensuality.


After years of suppressing your emotions and your sensuality, you may have become disconnected from your own body, living in the mind causing self-judgment and feeling stuck in a pattern.


With Emotional Release, you learn how to feel confident in your body and activate the fullness of your voice. When we process and release the contraction and bound-up energy stored in the body, our life-force energy can flow through us. Thats when we step into empowerment and find freedom from the past.


Break free from old patterns, and fear-based responses showing up in your relationships and seeking external validation into activating your self-worth and self-esteem.

Somatic Emotional Release is a modality that combines Eastern and Western practices to Emotionally & Physically Release old trauma and trapped stagnant emotions in the body. Our focus is on your body and the sensations that you feel so that you can access it and process and release energy.

Do you feel numb from feeling the full spectrum of human emotions? Do you crave to feel more happiness and bliss yet block yourself from feeling rage, sadness, and hurt? 

You may be feeling anxious, stuck, stressed, tense, blocked, fearful, or youre not good enough in some way.

you may be feeling stuck or your body is in a tense survival state after events/times that made you feel rejected, trapped, powerless, overwhelmed, hurt, disrespected, trapped, or judged.

Holding onto suppressed emotions creates bound-up energy in the body, making us feel tense and stuck. It also prevents us from feeling bliss, joy, and safety in our body. This work allows us to process and release emotions, allowing us to be free from past trauma and overwhelming events. 

  • Through a session, you have the opportunity to release certain patterns, blockages, and the burden of old heavy emotions to be able to regulate your nervous system and feel connected to your body again. 
  • Through this work, you discover the parts of yourself you have rejected or deemed unlovable and have the opportunity of letting go of shame and self-rejection by returning to the body after living in the mind for a long period of time. 
  • These sessions become your permission slip to express rage, hurt, and frustration and to not judge yourself in the process. 
  • In these sessions and my mentorship container, you are responsible for doing the work. That's the most empowering place to be in. These sessions require your active participation.



From there, you awaken deeper levels of your power and liberate all stagnant emotions by activating the fullness of your voice. Then your confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth increase.

We are emotional creatures, and we were born to express emotions freely and openly. Somewhere along the way, however, many of us learned to repress emotions, especially those deemed bad or “negative,” in order to fit in, be loved, and be accepted. 

We tend to disown/suppress certain parts of ourselves that we feel are not lovable or that we think are unacceptable. We cannot feel a deep connection to our body if we are only willing to embrace certain parts and reject others. With this work, we look at the parts we had pressed down and hidden from and hold them in love and compassion

The opposite of repression is expression.

In order to process our emotional distress and move it through and out of our body so it doesn’t get stuck there, we need to learn to express our emotions in the body and mind. But first, we need to learn to recognize and accept our feelings as they come and go. 

These energetic clearing and emotional releasing sessions enable you to explore your limiting belief systems, resistance, and bound-up energy, causing you to feel disconnected from your body and give it sound, expression, and movement.

Holding onto suppressed emotions creates bound-up energy in the body, making us feel tense and stuck. It also prevents us from feeling bliss, joy, and safety in our bodies.

The energy that dwells within us is yearning to be met, understood, and expressed; it is so important to have compassion and give space to accepting these emotions while feeling safe to release them.

Through the somatic emotional releasing, + energetic clearing sessions - you activate the fullness of your voice and no longer feel stuck in an old pattern of behaving or feeling. You have the chance to access deeper parts of yourself and uncover emotions that may have been suppressed or unexpressed. You get the chance to voice hurt, pain, and anger that were not expressed in the moment.

Sessions are around 90 minutes long. On meeting with Torne, she will discuss the issue that brought you to see her. It may be the most pressing or challenging issue or worry. You will share your intention for the session and what you desire to release/let go of.
With Torne's guidance, you will actively engage in your healing process. 

In a session, we emotionally release old stagnant bound-up energy from the body through sound, movement, and breath. If a person is more numb or out of connection with their body, she may start the session with Meridian Tapping for the person to feel their feelings first before the somatic releasing, which can be done seated or lying down.

Loud music gets played to evoke emotions. During the session, we liberate all stagnant emotions by activating the fullness of your voice so the bound-up energy moves out of your system.

Sessions are more active than gentle. It's deep diving deep work and doing the often uncomfortable work of looking at the parts of ourselves we have deemed unlovable, unworthy, or have linked to shame or guilt. Sessions involve crying, moving through resistance, or emotions that want expression and movement. Sessions are a safe space to express and it's normal for me to witness this somatic releasing. 

Somatic Emotional Release focuses on releasing energy bound up and trapped in the physical body. The body then begins to let go of and release in the form of sound, movement, vibration, crying, laughter, or trembling.


  • All healing sessions are different and unique, and Torne will change each session according to your needs.
  • We are using a combination of energy work, breathwork, and bodywork. Our body holds on to old trauma and suppressed emotions as bound-up energy putting us in a tense state.
  • With these sessions, we want to get the body into feeling safe after being tense.

When we breathe and move, we can release it from our energetic and physical system and return to an empowered state where we feel connected back to the body after disconnect.

To assist you in releasing the trapped energy, her hands are drawn to the areas of your body where you are holding/suppressing these long-held emotions from the past. These may be meridian/energy center or acupressure points that get held or tapped on. Torne will often say out loud what may be bound up in the body or what you mentioned to her was the issue as she presses on specific points.

Each session differs depending on the person's willingness to feel uncomfortable emotions and allow them to be expressed and moved through the body. Ultimately it is you who are healing yourself. 

By allowing yourself to express and release emotions and bound-up energy in the body, it will enable you to release unprocessed emotions and complete trauma cycles so you move out of a pattern that makes us feel stuck.
Your session concludes with an integration period to process what's been released and connect to a new sense of space in the body.

Emotions are expressing and processed through the body with somatic work. This will continue after the session.

Because gunk and pain have been moved out of the body, the nervous system has been regulated into the ventral state where there’s safety. After a period of time of numbing, suppressing, and denying, now those emotions are coming up to be processed to

This work is not done after a session on the mat. What happens after the session is part of the process. Integration is crucial and to be with emotions and feelings that arise and hold it all in compassion. 

There’s a complete wave of emotions that may arise in a session of energy activation. There can be moments of pain, bliss, anger, joy, and liberation.

Your body will process what it wants to process

This can continue after the session
As you have shaken up stagnant energy
Through your system
Waking up the system
And moving emotions and stagnant energy out of the organs, tissue, and nervous system

Your whole life changes

you can do all the mindset work but only when you start working with the body, energy, and nervous system is when how you think and feel will start to change.

it's important to allow and witness whatever is it that follows after the session. Taking full responsibility for your healing and journey. 

Trust that your body knows what it needs to release and how it wants to express. 

Book a session to experience this life-changing healing that will awaken and purify your entire system. This isn’t talk therapy but an energetic activation and emotional liberation session.

You are your own healer.

Once you've booked your space, a detailed email will be sent out with information on how to prepare before your session, frequently asked questions, session layout, how to prepare for the session, and how to integrate after the session. 

** This ticket is non- refundable, if you cannot make the session you are more than welcome to gift your space to a friend or family member who is willing to be in the space and heal.