$80.00 USD


How often have you suppressed unpleasant emotions?
How often have you silenced your voice?

We are here to liberate all suppressed stagnant emotions causing tension in the body by using the fullness of your voice and activating bodywork.

When we give sound and movement to tension, hurt, and trauma, we allow our life-force energy to flow freely through us. if our lifeforce/ prana becomes blocked in the meridians and chakras and it can manifest as physical symptoms in the body.

We are here to feel more bliss and joy, and to do that we also have to be able to hold sadness, anger and rage, and the emotions that have not been voiced and processed.

We process and express old hurt and times we felt unheard, overwhelmed, and rejected to move out of the body and energetic system. On the other side is empowerment, magnetic confidence and liberation.