This is a library of audio sessions and a recording on how to integrate after Somatic Emotional Release and Energetic Activation and what may arise after a session. What happens on the mat is just 10% of what is to unfold



  • Three Somatic Visualisation Audios with music
  • One Somatic Release With Tapping with music
  • One video about the importance of integration


Our energetic and nervous system needs time to adjust to the space opened, to the release, and to the activation. Be gentle and kind to yourself on this journey of self-awareness.

As old trauma comes up and releases, some may experience feeling tired or exhausted, aggression, sadness, and aggravation. This is your bound-up stagnant energy that's still releasing and being processed through your system. Much suppressed, unconscious fear and anxiety we were holding onto will move through the system and need to be tended to. Be gentle with yourself and the process. Below is a powerful post I recently read about healing.

What happens in the session is not the only part of this healing; you will continue to have realizations, breakthroughs, and sometimes uncomfortable realizations. shifts and emotions coming up, so be kind to yourself with love and compassion on this healing unfolding. 

You deserve to be free, liberated, whole, and joyful. So, here's the invitation to do the integration work, and don’t forget to enjoy the process, however messy and up and down it may seem.